Dox Diggla

New Music ..Dox Diggla paraDOX the EP

This project is the first of a series of E.P's of classic unreleased material from eras of Dox Diggla's catalog that never saw the light of day. This 1st installment of the series is from a phase of Diggla's life where he was'nt quite "woke" yet so some of the frequencies of this project by no means represents where he currently is as a man and artist. But where we come from makes us who we are and this music is too powerful to keep hidden in the shadows. Therefore Mantle Music LLC presents to you "paraDOX". All we ask is if you enjoy & believe in this content you do your best to share this hip hop gem in your corner of the world.

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Dox Diggla

Dox Diggla is a once in a generation type of talent that has slipped through the cracks of the mainstream music industry into obscurity and near retirement. He has risen like a Phoenix in the last year after being summoned to represent on the biggest platform for emcees by none other than Sway Calloway of the world-renowned Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM show, "Sway In The Morning" which Diggla destroyed with a classic interview and one of the best freestyle performances of the year. That one moment has thrust Diggla back into the industry spotlight after a long hiatus with the success of his first warm-up single and short film, "Pressure" which has grown legs as a minimalist purist record in an age dominated by trap. All while Dox is creating a masterful project, "There Is No Spoon" focusing on merging the polar opposite worlds of today's hip hop with the brilliance of rap's golden age that rap button pushers and tastemakers are salivating over as it's being completed.  Diggla is the only artist in the world with the skillset to accomplish such an ambitious and seemingly impossible feat but as his forthcoming album title alludes to; when you are as dope and still undiscovered as Diggla, the impossible is just another day at the office. Get in tune with the soon to be East Coast savior, Restorer of the Culture and overall spoon bender, artist, actor, activist, fashion dealer and jack of all trades, Dox Diggla.