1. Pardon Me


Pardon Me
Ayo we..
Dance with the devil under pale moon
Entranced by Jezebel's tune
Groomed in the belly of the beast
Searchin’ for fetti in hell's womb
Not far removed from a time where whites
Would stand in line jus to buy and sell coons
Shit, my ancestors proly held brooms swept rooms
In mansions of slave masters that strategized
The black male's doom lynch letters still pack the jails, shoot
I'd be wrong if I ain’t wanna stack paper like the mail room
No matter what that means ,I gota sale, can u brail fool?
If u don’t feel, cool
U will when the shell boom
Steel burst lite up the nite like its twelve noon
That’s when the opposite sides of myself duel
The part that be gunnin foe ya ceiling
Then it’s the other side
That’s not quite comfy with the killings
But be all about the hustle
I'm jus talkin’ bout the struggle

“Pardon me"
(2nd Verse)
We dealing with high stakes & murder rates
Dirty jakes .38’s that pop prompt
Make for early wakes
Late souls await Judgment at the pearly gates we got
Low-key snakes wit OT plates
We copin’ wit daily deaths
Vultures quick to stick u up for that bulky 6 stolen whips
Silent snitches, the wildest bitches
Violent Negus,
it’s fucked up
That's how the mighty dollar did us
Our environment is savagery, shit
The city brutal my sanity gone
But that’s how these plural issues do u
Negus cookoo
We don’t shoulder lean or chicken noodle
We focus beams to hit ya pupil
Humorous how
Negus blaze shots numerous now
It’s no talkin’ all u hearing from the ruger is blaow!
Haze got me in the cumulous clouds
Malcolm if u was here
I don’t think u would be proud,
But “Pardon me”
(3rd Verse)
We went from black Panthers
To crack handlers
In the time it take to snap flash cameras
Pushers pack pampers
With that and tax Bamas
State to state
Forth and back scramblers
With a knack for knowing
Just where Pacman is
We question everything
But lack answers, impending arrests
Keep us depressed family yeah
And that's manic
Too few of us that’s on a black campus
We fell in love and got intrigued
By the track samplers ..me?
I wrote classics and scrapped anthems
Now I jus close my eyes
And paint a black canvas
I open em’ and see no advancing
Jus party joints wit wack dances
Thinkin’ back to when rap still had standards
The pain is great but we can’t panic
Tell Bush this ain’t the same damn sandwich
We eating from a way thinner piece of the pie
Pardon me I’m jus speaking my mind
U feel me Neguh!